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Why Barotse People Must Not Take Part In Zambian Elections

A few months to go till Zambia heads to the polls to elect its President, Members of Parliament and councilors, with voter registration in full swing, I have noted with sadness how some Barotse Nationals have been throwing themselves at Zambian Politics as though they are Zambian, Baroste People must always remind themselves of the fact that the Zambia Government has no legal jurisdiction over the territory of Barotseland and that holding elections in Bulozi is Treason against the Royal Barotseland Constitution. Zambian

New BNFA Chairperson General Mukwae Wabei to attend upcoming UNPO General Assembly

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the contributions you continue to make towards the liberation of Barotseland from foreign occupation. I want to take this moment to assure you that you are on the right side of history. There are times when it may seem as if nothing is happening and our adversaries appear to be stronger and wealthier. Take heart and realize that as a nation and as a people, we have passed through the worst. Kaunda and all his successors have continuously worked towards the

Clement Sinyinda Resigns as BNFA Leader

Former Prime Minister of Barotseland resigns from his position as Barotse National Freedom Alliance Leader. As the leader of the Barotse National Freedom Alliance, Mr. Sinyinda presided over the Barotse National Council in 2012 that resolved to Declare Independence of Barotseland from the Republic of Zambia. Mr. Sinyinda stated in his resigning letter that it was time to pass on the mantle of leadership to a new generation that will continue to fight for the Total Independence of Barotseland from Zambia. The Barotse

The United Kingdom Leaves the EU

After three-and-a-half years, three prime ministers and seemingly endless votes in Parliament since the 2016 Brexit referendum, Britain finally becomes the first ever country to leave the European Union at 11:01 p.m. GMT on Friday. Despite this cataclysmic event, almost all of the immediate changes will be invisible to the public. The United Kingdom will enter the transition period that was agreed between the British government and the EU. And the terms of that agreement mean that for the next 11 months, the UK remains an

BNFA Rejects BRE’s invitation to Dialogue Council

The Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) cannot and will not take part in the Barotseland Agreement 1964 negotiations proposed by the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE). There is nothing to negotiate about the Barotseland Agreement 1964 as insinuated by the BRE press statement of April 16, 2018. The negotiations were done and concluded before the co-signing of the Agreement. What should have followed was implementation; but the Zambian regime defaulted and legislated against its own obligations. Zambia was a product of

Barotse Cultural Landscape nomination as a World Heritage Site by Zambian Gov. must be rejected at this time

Currently, Zambia is largely seen as Barotseland’s colonizer who cannot be trusted to make decisions of such magnitude as the proposed listing of the Barotse Cultural landscape as a World Heritage Site under UNESCO without thorough consultations with all stakeholders in Barotseland. A one-time directive meeting with the Limulunga Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) and the about ten Zambian Members of Parliament (MPs) who hail from the Barotse region does not actually constitute a wide enough consultative process even by

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