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Clement Sinyinda Resigns as BNFA Leader


Former Prime Minister of Barotseland resigns from his position as Barotse National Freedom Alliance Leader. As the leader of the Barotse National Freedom Alliance, Mr. Sinyinda presided over the Barotse National Council in 2012 that resolved to Declare Independence of Barotseland from the Republic of Zambia. Mr. Sinyinda stated in his resigning letter that it was time to pass on the mantle of leadership to a new generation that will continue to fight for the Total Independence of Barotseland from Zambia.

The Barotse National Freedom has been the main driver for Barotseland Independence since 2012, it is therefore important who is elected to head the Alliance, There is great need to elect someone with the same passion for Barotseland as Mr. Sinyinda, someone who loves Barotseland more that money, that is something that Clement Sinyinda has showed us.

Source Barotse National Freedom Alliance

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