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Why Barotse People Must Not Take Part In Zambian Elections


A few months to go till Zambia heads to the polls to elect its President, Members of Parliament and councilors, with voter registration in full swing, I have noted with sadness how some Barotse Nationals have been throwing themselves at Zambian Politics as though they are Zambian, Baroste People must always remind themselves of the fact that the Zambia Government has no legal jurisdiction over the territory of Barotseland and that holding elections in Bulozi is Treason against the Royal Barotseland Constitution.

Zambian Government’s ignorance and arrogance over the 2012 Barotse National Council Resolutions must not be entertained by all well-meaning people of Barotseland, Barotse people must stand up in defiance to resist and reject all form of intimidation by the Zambian Government, GRZ has no right to hold elections in Barotseland.

We the people of Barotseland must avoid at all cost all Zambian politics and elections, Barotseland has a Transitional Government in Place, all Barotse nationals are encouraged to support the efforts of the Royal Barotseland Transitional Government (RBTG)

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